The Ragnaud-Sabourin family owns one of the most prestigious private estates in Grande Champagne and certainly have a grand history. The estate was established in 1850 by Gaston Briand, one of the first in the region to push for an establishment of recognised crus. In 1941 a split took place in the Ragnaud family, and one brother, Raymond Ragnaud, set off on his own. The other brother, Marcel Ragnaud, went on to develop Ragnaud-Sabourin and establish the house as one of the finest in Cognac. Today, the Domaine La Voûte is run by Annie and her son Olivier. Together, with the master blender, they oversee the vines, which stretch across the chalky slopes of Ambleville in the heart of Cognac’s premier cru region, Grande Champagne. They are also wholly responsible, with the cellar master, for all aspects of production and ageing. Ragnaud-Sabourin are always determined to produce limited quantities of the highest quality. All their cognacs are matured as vintages; there is no blending between years, no sweetening and no colouring. The number of each in the range illustrates the minimum age of the cognac contained in the bottle. The Sabourin Family continues to bottle some very old cognacs from their reserve cellars. Some of these date from before the 1870 phylloxera crisis when the estate also grew the Jurançon, Blanc Ramé, Bouilleaux, Balzac Blanc and Chalosse grape varieties which were never replanted to any great extent afterwards.

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