Lucky Saint


Getting to tell this story was never a given. That’s because the vision for lucky saint was fairly ambitious. It still is. Luke Boase (founder) wanted to change how the world thought about alcohol-free beer: from the perception, to the product, to the experience. He immersed himself in the science of brewing and soon realised how difficult it was going to be. After working with four separate brewers, he’d experienced it all: failed brews, infected brews and plain old bad tasting brews. Still believing it was possible, he quit my job, gave up drinking for a year and headed to Germany. He studied hard, drinking alcohol-free beer was his homework and when he wasn’t doing that he was knocking on doors until one day after a series of chance events he found a brewer who shared his values and vision. A full year of development followed, they started sourcing the finest ingredients, created their own yeast and tailored every part of the brewing process. Eventually they landed on a style and flavour that was and still is a first for an alcohol-free beer.

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