Longbottom & Co


The story of Longbottom & Co began in 1988 when the founders, Ed & Greg, met at school. They’ve been making mischief together ever since. With a shared love of all that’s delicious, they’d always wanted to finally do justice to the hot sauces, and Bloody (and Virgin) Mary’s that they loved. So, in 2009, they started experimenting with hot sauce as a hobby. Their goal? Make a tastier hot sauce, not just a hotter hot sauce – something with a flavour of more than just singed tongue. Their hobby turned into a business in 2018. Fed up of how bloody difficult it was to find a Bloody or Virgin Mary worth its salt, they decided to make their own. Manufactured in the UK using the best ingredients from around the world, the boys created a unique Mary Mix that delivers a hefty punch to the taste buds… as well as the competition.

Products from Longbottom & Co...