Foxdenton Estate


Foxdenton Estate was acquired through marriage in 1367. In the 1900s the family expanded the commercial side of the estate and Charles Robert Eustace Radclyffe was the man who incorporated the estate as a company in 1935. It was his vision that helped it survive the disasters of the late 20th century. In 1923 the grounds of the House were opened to the public and leased to the Chadderton Town Council. Finally the House itself was sold to the council in 1960. The estate company passed to current owner Nicholas Radclyffe in 2001 on the death of his father Alexander Radclyffe. Since then they have tried to develop the company in ways that coincide with their history. The family has been associated with hunting and shooting since the early 1800s and they have been making fruit liqueurs at home like nearly everyone else who is keen on field sports. They have decided to take the old recipes and concentrate on making what they know and love and are proud to say that they only make what they enjoy drinking themselves. They hope that this helps them keep Foxdenton Estate alive for another few hundred years.

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